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Platforms: Android

Price: Free to play, $2.99 to purchase the complete game


Beddy Bye Bear


Are you ready for a 3D adventure like you've never seen before? Well get ready, because it is here.

Help guide this sleepwalking bear around obstacles using arrows that will move him in different directions. Make sure not to walk into a rock, a wall, or even spikes. Determine the quickest path to collecting enough gems to unlock the gate and advance to the next challenging level.

Find keys to unlock doors, activate switches that will open up your path, row the boat to get across the lake, and take a ride on a camel to get to your goal. Get rid of enemies by using various items, such as a pineapple, watermelon, a tire, as well as the kitchen sink.

All levels are in full 3D, so study each level carefully to determine the best route to take. Compete against players worldwide for best completion time in each level.

Are you up for the challenge? This sleepwalking bear needs your help, so download this game today for free and guide him along his merry way!





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