Beddy Bye Bear - Instructions


Title Screen

This is the title screen.  Here are the buttons you will see in the title screen:


Selection Screen

The Selection Screen allows you to select the level in which you wish to play.  When you first start the game, only level 1 will be unlocked.  In order to unlock the other levels, you must complete the level before.  In other words, to play level 2, you must successfully complete level 1, and so on.

Buttons and text are found here:


Game Play

This is the game play screen.  Here, you will notice four arrows at the top of the screen.  Tapping any one of these arrows will rotate and move the bear in that direction.  Use the arrows wisely because in the bottom right hand corner of each button is a number.  This number shows how many times you can use that particular arrow.  Once you run out of a particular arrow, the button will be disabled and will not allow you to move the bear in that direction any longer.  Move the bear around obstacles using these arrows and make sure he doesn't come into contact with anything he is not supposed to.

The number of gems collected is shown in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

Above the number of gems is the pause button.  Tap this button to pause the game.



Blue gem is worth 1.

Green gem is worth 5.

Red gem is worth 10.

Purple gem is worth 25.

Gold gem is worth 50.

You find gems scattered throughout each level.  Collect as many as required to unlock the gate that blocks the exit.

Once you collect enough gems, the gate blocking the exit will unlock, as seen below.  Now, head for the exit to complete the level!


Summary Screen

The summary screen is displayed when a level is successfully completed.  Here, you will see the amount of time it took to complete the level along with how many gems were collected.  The best time is listed to the right and can be submitted to the leaderboard by tapping the Submit Time To Leaderboard button.  Tapping the OK button will take you to the selection screen and unlock the next level, if applicable.


Game Over

The Game Over screen is displayed whenever the bear finds himself in trouble, such as running into a wall, being attacked by an enemy, or by stepping on spikes, among other obstacles.  Two buttons are displayed during this time - Replay and Menu.


Projectiles and Enemies

Various projectiles are at your disposal from a pineapple, watermelon, tire, and even the kitchen sink.  When you see an enemy, simply tap them and the bear will automatically throw a random projectile at the enemy.  Be quick, otherwise the enemy will attack you.

Enemies include stinky skunks, spiky beetles, pinchy crabs, laser firing cyborgs, biting snakes, and pokey scorpions.  Some enemies walk around casually, while others wait around, minding their business until they spot something and attack.  Keep your distance, and when you have an open path, tap the enemy on screen to launch a projectile to get rid of them.


Pause Screen

This is the pause screen.  Tapping the Resume button will continue the game where you left off.  Restart Level will restart the current level - use this when you want to start over or are trapped without a way out.

The bottom left hand corner will show you how many gems you have currently collected in this level and how many you need to unlock the gate.







Starting with level 4, you will need to find keys to unlock doors with locks on them.  Each key corresponds to a specific locked door - the gold key opens the gold door, the green key opens the green door, and the purple key opens the purple door.  Find them scattered throughout the various levels.