Title Screen

This is the title screen.  Here are the buttons you will see in the title screen:




The Instructions screen contains instructions on how to play game.  If you want the player to jump, you just 'tap' the screen.  If you 'hold' your finger, the player will jump higher.




Selection Screen

The Selection Screen allows you to select the level in which you wish to play.  When you first start the game, only level 1 will be unlocked.  In order to unlock the other levels, you must complete the levels previously.  In other words, to play level 2, you must successfully complete level 1, and so on.



Game Play

This is the game play screen.  In order to complete each level, the player needs to successfully touch the flag at the end of the level. Your score is at the top left of the screen.




The summary screen is displayed when a level is successfully completed.  Here, you will see the score and your best score when completing the level. 




Game Over

The Game Over screen is displayed whenever the player finds himself in trouble, such as falling into a ditch, being attacked by an enemy, or by stepping on spikes, among other obstacles. Three buttons are displayed during this time - Back, Replay and Rate.




How To Score Points

Jump and use your spiky hair to hit and defeat enemies in the air to earn a point.

Jump and use your boots to land on enemies on ground to smash and earn a point.


Some obstacles can earn you a point too.

Jump and use your boots to land on snowballs or cones to smash them and earn a point. Since snowballs are in motion, they are more difficult to jump and land on top of them, so you might find it easier to just dodge them.


Collect yellow and red stars in every level. Yellow Stars will earn you a point while Red Stars will earn you 5 points.