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Localized and supports English and 11 additional languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese

Save My Eggy Weggy - How The Chicken Saved Its Egg


Are you ready to play a fun, challenging, strategy, puzzle adventure game, all complete with full physics? Control the chicken and guide your egg safely to the nest. Peck through objects, balance on ramps, open locks by finding keys, pop balloons to find hammers to break tough blocks, take rides on UFOs, balloons, bubble gums, and use movable blocks to get closer to the nest. Confront enemies such as bears, penguins, scorpions, ghosts, aliens, bumble bees, angry bubble gums, and even a vicious hawk that swoops in and steals your egg if you leave it alone for too long. Avoid or dodge obstacles that are in your path such as spikes that fall or are above and on the ground. Use strategy to determine the best and safest route. But be careful. If you drop your egg too far, it goes splat and the game is over!


- 30 levels of full physics fun (each level is unlocked after successfully completing the previous level)

- Unique obstacles to overcome in each level

- A cool fireworks show at the end of each completed level

- Compete with other players worldwide for best time in each level on the leaderboard

- Embedded iMessage stickers within app




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