Bowlmania - Instructions



Title Screen

This is the title screen.  Here are the buttons on the title screen:




Wireless Gamepad Conroller Option

When pressing the first button on the left ("Game Controller Button") seen above, you will notice a hand cursor that will be controlled by your wireless gamepad controller.  You can move this hand cursor left and right using the gamepad's D-Pad or analog stick Move the hand cursor to any button and press the gamepad button to select that particular button.






If you're not using a wireless gamepad controller, you can play the game by using your fingers to press the buttons on the screen to move the player left and right, as well as jump.





Selection Screen

The Selection Screen allows you to select the level you wish to play.  When you first start the game, only level 1 will be unlocked.  In order to unlock the other levels, you must complete the previous levels.  In other words, to play level 2, you must successfully complete level 1, and so on. 




Game Play

This is the game play screen.  In order to complete each level, the player needs to successfully knock all the bowling pins in each level. The main goal of the game is to knock all the bowling pins in each level as fast as you can to compete for best time. You can try to beat your best time and, at the same time, you can try to beat other players' best time worldwide.




This is the pause screen and shows up when you tap the pause button which appears just below the timer in the top left hand corner of the screen. When the game is paused, you are presented with 3 buttons.





The Summary Screen is displayed when a level is successfully completed.  Here, you will see the time it took to complete the level as well as your best overall time. 





Game Over

The Game Over screen is displayed whenever the player finds himself in trouble, such as after being attacked by an enemy or by other obstacles. Three buttons are displayed during this time - Back, Replay, and Rate.