Contra - NES

Here is the review of the game that Toys 'R' Us once thought was too "violent" and refused to carry it.  Nintendo

contacted Toys 'R' Us headquarters and persuaded them that the "violence" in the game was within acceptable

limits, and Toys 'R' Us then agreed to carry it.


Title:  Contra

Publisher: Konami

Year: 1988

Console: NES

Genre: Action

Number of Players: 2




                                                        Save Earth from being invaded by aliens.



 At the title screen, when the music starts, press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A

(SELECT) AND START.  If you did it correctly, you will have 30 guys instead of just 3.  Press the select button in

that sequence for two players, otherwise just hit start for one player.




Stage 1: JUNGLE


     The Jungle is where to game begins.




You can find a variety of different weapons, such as the Spread, which shoots out many bullets spread apart, or

the Laser, which shoots out a laser beam.





Stage 1's "boss" is rather simple to defeat.  Stay at a distance and shoot the red guy standing on top.  Once he's out of the way, shoot at the two guns in the middle.


Once you shoot out the guns, shoot the red circle and Stage 1 is finished.



Stage 2: BASE1


Stage 2 (as well as Stage 4) look a little strange at first.  But that's only because instead of moving left and right, now you are moving forward.


The best thing to do in this stage is to just duck (press DOWN)  and shoot.  Hit the glowing circle so you can advance.  Also, watch out for some of the soldiers that throw bombs at you.  Make sure you move away.



Shoot the big glowing sphere and you'll face the boss of this stage.



Shoot out the four blocks that are glowing red, while dodging the two blocks that shoot at you.  Once you shoot out all the blocks (including the ones that shoot at you), you are ready for the "real" boss.


The "real" boss looks like an eyeball.  It shoots out a projectile at you.  Dodge, or shoot the projectile, while shooting the eye, and this guy is toast!





The Waterfall stage.  In this stage, you have to make your way to the top.  If you play with two players, make sure that neither player is too high over the other.  If one player is too far down, he will die.  Stay close together.


Watch out for those falling rocks!



Once you make your way to the very top, this boss will appear.  Shoot out his arms (the red circles), then shoot him in the mouth when his mouth opens.  Dodge the projectiles he shoots at you.



Stage 4: BASE2


Base 2 is just like Base 1 but things are a bit more tough.




Same thing as Base 1, shoot out the blocks that glow red, then shoot out the one in the middle that is shooting at you.  Also, shoot the guys that run on the platform.  Once you shoot out the blocks, the "real" boss shows up.


The "real" boss consists of two heads, that divide into four, then come back as two.  You can only shoot at the heads when they come back as two.  Also, shoot out the projectiles that they throw at you.  They can be very annoying because they swoop back and try to hit you.





Graphically, the snow field might be the best looking stage in the game.  The nice detail on the snow rocks makes it appealing to the eyes.


Watch out for those guys who hide behind a mechanical shooting device.  Keep shooting until they explode.


This truck can be quite frustrating because it takes many shots to destroy it.  Stand at the distance shown in the picture on the right

and keep shooting.  The bullets the truck shoots at you will miss completely.


The boss of this stage is a bit challenging.  It shoots out enemies from its sides and those enemies can only be destroyed in mid air, or if you duck and shoot when they are on the ground.  Stand directly underneath this boss and shoot straight up in the middle.





Energy Zone looks like a cool futuristic stage.


Watch out when jumping platform to platform.  Those laser beams can nail you.




This boss just jumps up and down, then throws stuff at you.  Jump over the projectiles he throws while shooting him.  Jump over his head when he walks from left to right and then right to left.



Stage 7: HANGER


Hanger stage.


Watch out for spiky walls that appear from the ground.  Shoot them to advance.



To defeat this stage, you must shoot at the blinking plus sign on top of the door on the far right.  It may also help if you shoot out the purple squares at the bottom, since they shoot out projectiles at you, and can be very annoying.  Also, watch the door.  If it opens, a bunch of enemy soldiers will appear.  Get rid of them, then continue shooting above the door.





Alien's Lair is a very spooky stage.


First, you encounter this guy, that looks like a sausage that throws out jumbo shrimp at you.  Shoot the shrimps while shooting the big sausage alien.


These alien "mouths" shoot out a type of cotton ball that chases you.  Either shoot at the cotton balls or just shoot the mouths and eliminate them completely.



This is the "boss" - a beating heart.  Shoot at the heart, while shooting the spiders that hatch out.  You'll begin to see the heart beating faster and faster as you shoot it, until finally it explodes, and you beat the game.




                                                             THE END





Game Evaluation













Pretty decent graphics for an NES game.




This game has very nice music, each level with its own theme.  The sound effects are pretty good too.




This game has excellent control and response. 


Fun Factor:



Playing this game in one player mode was fun, but playing it in two player mode was even more fun.  This game definitely gets an A+ for fun factor.


Overall: A Simply a must have (had) game!  A very fun game to play with a buddy. A true classic.