For the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.




Game Instructions



Press the play icon button to begin play. Before the game begins, the instruction screen will show how to play the game.

Press the options gear button to take you to the options screen (see 'Options Screen' below for details).






Press the music note button to turn the music on or off.

Press the 'REMOVE ADS  $1.99' button if you want to purchase to remove ads for only $1.99.

Press the 'RESTORE PURCHASES' button if you have made previous purchases and need them restored.

Press the back arrow button to go back to the title screen.





Press the check mark button to take you to the selection screen once you understand the instructions.

Press the back arrow button to go back to the title screen.




Press the play button on any level you wish to play.  If the play button is not available, you must either complete the previous level or you can purchase that level for only $0.99 by pressing the lock button that shows up underneath that level.

Press the rank button at the top right of the screen if you want to see how you rank in best time for all levels.

Press the back button at the top left of the screen if you want to go back to instruction screen.




The object of the game is to save your egg in each level before advancing to the next level.  The way you save your egg is to safely guide it on top of the nest.  In addition to saving your egg, you are being timed on how long it takes to complete each level which also can be submitted to the leaderboard to compete against other players worldwide.


In addition to saving your egg, you need to overcome challenges and obstacles.  You can peck through blocks that don't have cracks on them. If a block already has a crack through it, only the egg can successfully break it.  After breaking the blocks, you can proceed by moving down with your egg to get closer towards your nest.  Be careful not to drop your egg too far down - it will splat and crack, and the game is over.

After breaking blocks and moving closer to your nest, you may run into enemies in your path. To defeat these enemies, you can move rock objects to smash them or drop the rock object on their heads.  Just don't run into your enemies otherwise you will lose all your feathers.

In the upper right hand corner, you will find the pause button.  Press this button whenever you need to pause the game.  The game will continue where you left off (the time to complete the level won't be affected when pausing).  If you want to resume gameplay, press the pause button again to unpause. 





When you get a game over, three option buttons appear (starting from left to right):


Press the back arrow button to go back to the selection screen.

Press the replay arrow button to replay the level. 

Press the rate button to rate the game in the app store.

Press the 'Facebook' button to go to the game's official facebook page if you want to blog or rate and give it a 'Like'.

Press the rank button if you want to turn in your best time for this particular level to the leaderboard.







When you complete a level, five option buttons appear (starting from left to right):


Press the 'Facebook' button to go to the game's official facebook page if you want to blog or rate and give it a 'Like'.

Press the rank button if you want to turn in your best time for this particular level to the leaderboard.

Press the replay button to replay this same level again. 

Press the rate button to rate the game in the app store.

Press the next arrow button to go to the selection screen to play another level.

After completing the level, the summary screen displays the level completed along with the time it took to complete it and the best time you achieved for that level.  When you get a new best time, that time will animate and play a sound to alert you.  The selection screen will also display the best times for each level. 


Objects In Game

The chicken can walk on, jump on, and peck to break these blocks. They can come in red bricks, ice blocks, or sandy blocks.


The chicken can walk and jump on these cracked blocks but can't peck them. You need to move the egg on top of these blocks to break them.


These movable rocks are used to defeat enemies if you want to smash them sideways or drop them on top of an enemy.  They can come in red bricks, snow blocks, or sandy blocks.


These spikes will smash the chicken if you fall on them. Even enemies that fall on them can be smashed as well.


These wooden blocks are stable and sturdy. The chicken can't peck through them.  It can only walk and jump on them. 


These spiky blocks can smash the chicken as they animate down if you walk under them. The sharp bottom moves up and down constantly. Time it right, otherwise you will get squished.


These platforms move in various directions or not move at all.  If they do move, they can move up and down or left and right.  You may use them to guide the chicken and the egg to your destination.


These ramps will react by how much weight is applied to them and where. When weight is applied on these ramps at, for example, the ends, they will begin to tilt and may eventually fall.  You have to make sure you balance properly on them or you can end up falling on something beneath them, or end up cracking the egg if it falls too far.


These falling spikes are unpredictable. You don't know if some will fall or not. Be very cautious when walking underneath these falling spikes or when moving the egg near them.


These movable blocks are helpers. They only help guide the chicken but never hurt you if they fall on you or your egg.  The egg, however, can still crack if it drops down from long heights onto them.


These locks are colored red, blue, and green.  You must find the corresponding colored key to unlock them and proceed to your destination.



These keys are colored red, blue, and green.  Each one of these keys corresponds to the same colored lock.  You will find these keys hidden inside blocks.  You will need to peck blocks found throughout the level to find them.


These blocks contain two ramp platforms and slowly rotate 360 degrees. Land your egg properly on these platforms to proceed forward.


These blocks will rotate 360 degrees at a much faster rate. Make sure not to touch the sharp tips of each spike, and make sure the egg stays away from them as well.


These blocks contain four ramps and will slowly rotate 360 degrees.  Use these platforms by jumping on them as they rotate.  You may even use them to guide the egg along the level.


These stars are scattered throughout a level.  Collect all 5 of them to break the yellow block(s).


These yellow blocks cannot be pecked nor broken.  You must collect the 5 stars located in the level which automatically breaks this block, allowing you to proceed.


Ride on top of these UFOs to your destination.  Land the egg on these as well, but make sure to keep enough space between yourself and the egg.


These ramps with spikes rotate like a seesaw.  You need to avoid them by walking underneath them.  Do not attempt to jump on top of them since they have spikes.


These balloons without strings only rotate and never move.  You can peck and pop them since some of them will contain the hammer which is needed to proceed.


These balloons with strings rotate and move.  When you land on one of these balloons, they will begin to move in a certain direction.  You may have to hop a ride on one of these balloons to move the egg from one place to another.  Some balloons move in one direction while others move in all directions.  You can also peck and pop these balloons.


These hammer blocks cannot be broken by pecking them.  You must find and use the hammer to break through them.  Pop the balloons without strings which may contain the hammer.


This hammer is used to break the hammer blocks.  Once you find the hammer hidden in of the balloons, move it above the hammer block and it will automatically break the block.




These bubble gums can be any size and speed.  You can ride them, pop them, or use them to help guide you to your destination.




These bubble gum bombs are important to use towards your destination.  You can take advantage of riding on top of them.  You can also pop them by jumping on top and pecking them.  The bomb inside them can be used on the bomb blocks to break them in order to proceed.




These bombs are used to break the specific bomb blocks (see below).  You can move these bombs and place them on the bomb blocks in order to break them to proceed.




These blocks need to be broken in order to proceed or to accomplish tasks.  Only the bomb can be used to break these blocks.